WCS was the first international organization to initiate a long-term program in the country.

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ဇူလိုင် 9, 2019

New turtle paper: BATAGUR BASKA

Here is our latest turtle paper just published today. The article is very brief but describes growth...
မေ 17, 2019

elephant tracks and frog breeding sites at Htamanthi Wildlife Sanctuary

Elephants are “ecosystem engineers” that impact other species of plants and animals by c...
ဩဂုတ် 20, 2018

Ensuring a Blue Future for Myanmar’s Coastal Communities

By Kyaw Thinn Latt “It used to be quite easy to catch enough fish to feed my family and f...
ဇွန် 21, 2018

World Environmental Day :Beach Plastic Clean Up Activities in Kyeintali, Rakhine State

Plastic pollution is one of the biggest environmental challenges of our time, with statistics showin...

Slow and Steady, a Tortoise Is Winning Its Race With Extinction

Author(s): Swe Win
Journal: New York Times
Year: 2017

Sustainable Financing of Protected Areas in Myanmar

Author(s): Lucy Emerton, U Aung Kyin, and Robert Tizard
Year: 2015

SMART Training Report 2014

Author(s): Tony Lynam, Saw Htun, Than Zaw
Year: 2014

Review of the Taninthayi Nature Reserve Project as a conservation model in Myanmar

Author(s): E. H. B. Pollard, Soe Win Hlaing, J. D. Pilgrim
Year: 2014

National Tiger Action Plan for Myanmar

Author(s): Antony J. Lynam
Year: 2003

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